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"This spirited LP Bird Raga features bebop specialist Sprague backed by a swinging ensemble, including veterans Sam Most on flute, Bill Mays on keyboards, and Bob Magnusson on bass. While still in his 20s, Peter possesses an uncanny command of the jazz line."
May 1984

I was exploring East Indian music and when those cats get into playing modally they call their Zen sessions Ragas. They'll play for hours on a particular scale or raga, exploring every nuance within the discipline of the form. I got to thinking about how Charlie Parker did the same thing with his form, be-bop. That's how I came up with the title track and also the name of the album. This album was recorded during the same time I recorded the music for The Path. We have the same cast of jazz fugitives with the addition of some of the Dance of the Universe Orchestra pioneers. A personal highlight on this record is the twenty minute, solo guitar, suite of Chick Corea tunes which I sat down and did it on the first take with no editing. Ah yes, the old days...


Peter Sprague: guitar
Sam Most: flute
Bill Mays: piano, electric piano
Bob Magnusson: bass
Tommy Aros: percussion
Jim Plank: drums, and gong
Kevyn Lettau: vocals
John Leftwich: tamboura
Tripp Sprague: sutri box


Namaste - 7:07 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Easy Living - 6:08 -Robin-Rainger
(Famous Music / ASCAP)

Bird Raga - 6:32 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Biarritz - 4:15 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Mahavishnu - 7:58 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

The Corean Suite - 15:41 - arranged by Peter Sprague

Produced by: Don Schlitten
Recorded by: Arne Frager, on September 5th and 6th, 1980
Mixed by: Paul Goodman
Cover Art by: Don Schlitten

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