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"Peter Sprague is one of the most talented young guitarists around, as his second Concord release Na Pali Coast demonstrates."
December 1985

The Na Pali Coast record really caught our group at a great time. I had assembled a stellar band, we rehearsed and did a couple of gigs together, and then headed into Chick Corea's Mad Hatter Studio to record. The studio is a great one and we had Chick's engineer Bernie Kirsch running the sound. Drummer Peter Erskine has such an incredible feel, Steve Kujala was scorching on the flute, Magnusson holding down the low end, and we even added my brother Tripp on one tune. Highlights for me on this recording are many. I just love the two Chick pieces that we played. Japanesse Waltz is an obscure gem and the Spanish flavored Children's Song # Six recieves a new treatment. The burning guitar and drum intro to I Could Write A Book is fairly on fire. My tunes Coltrane and Na Pali Coast still sound good to me even today. Magic Mizz Melissa, here in it's original version, has been recorded at least three other times. This is one of my favorite of my original songs and this version is one of the most magical. I hope you include this recording into your collection. I think it's one of my best.

Peter Sprague: guitars
Steve Kujala: flute
Bob Magnusson: bass
Peter Erskine: drums
Tripp Sprague: sax


Japanese Waltz - 4:34 - Chick Corea
(Litha Music / ASCAP)

Magic Mizz Melissa - 9:54 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Children's Song #6 - 2:32 - Chick Corea
(Litha Music / ASCAP)

Na Pali Coast - 5:56 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

I Could Write A Book - 6:36 - Rogers-Hart
(Chappell & Co., Inc. / ASCAP)

If I Should Lose You - 4:54 - Robin-Rainger
(Famous Music Corp. / ASCAP)

I Didn't Know About You - 6:02 - Ellington-Russell
(CBS Robins Catalog-Harrison Music Corp. / ASCAP)

Coltrane - 7:46 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Produced by: Carl Jefferson
Recorded at: Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, CA, in February, 1985
Recorded by: Bernie Kirsh
Mixed by: Phil Edwards at PER, San Francisco, CA
Mastered by: George Horn
Cover Photo by: Robert Cameron
Art Direction: Dick Hendler

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