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Char Dyer is a good friend we met in Kauai years back. She writes some great tunes and I'm so happy that we pulled her into the studio to make some joyful music. When I listen I see the overlook at Hanalei Bay and the rainbows stretching from the waterfalls to the oceans edge. Jazz music in paradise!

Peter Sprague, October 2015

Char Dyer — compositions and vocals
Peter Sprague — guitars and arrangements
Tripp Sprague — saxophone and flute
Bob Magnusson — bass
Duncan Moore — drums



1) Set Me Free — 3:47
2) Adieu My Dear — 3:14
3) It's Over Mr. Heartache
 — 4:00
4) When Ya Gotta Go — 5:04
5) Serenade — 5:25
6) Reunion (Dream of Desire)
 — 4:14
7) Liliko'i Lady— 4:30
8) Can't Get Too Much
 — 5:37
9) So This Is Love
 — 4:43
10) Sweet Man of Mine
 — 4:33
11) It Isn't As If — 4:39
12) Papaya — 4:12
13) Moonbow — 3:34

Produced by — Char Dyer and Peter Sprague
Recorded, mixed and mastered by — Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios
Graphics by RixGraphix
Cover art by Lark Abel and Tony LeHoven

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So This Is Love CD
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