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I started this recording a long time ago and because of the way life sometimes pours it on, it's taken me to now to complete this adventure. The collection of songs presented here all hold a unique place in my heart. They remind me of people, periods of time, and places. They are my words spoken at the edge of the stage. This is my soliloquy.
Peter Sprague
August, 1996

I gathered the troups and we assembled at SpragueLand and had a couple of years of big fun. I like this CD.

Peter Sprague: guitars, synths
Tripp Sprague: saxophones
John Opferkuch: piano, synths
Kevin Hennessy: bass
Bob Magnusson: bass
Steve Kujala: flute
Fred Benedetti: guitar
John Minchin: harmonica
Kevyn Lettau: vocals
Robin Adler: vocals
Leonard Patton: vocals
Kylie Sprague: vocal
Randy Brinton: violin
Hernan Constantino: violin
John Stubbs: viola
Rudy Stein: cello
Duncan Moore: drums
Tom Aros: percussion
Jason Hann: percussion
Ron Wagner: percussion


Simon - 5:14 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
Paul Simon's "Graceland" album inspired me to play around with "one, four, and five" type harmonies and the big rhythms.

Paco - 4:00 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
Paco de Lucia and his music came to town last year and left such a big impression on me. It was so great. Not just guitar fireworks but the beauty of the Spanish soul. When Kujala and I play live and the tune starts to cook in the minor key, Kujala yells out "PACO"!!!

Stefanie's Soliloquy - 4:50 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
This song was a surprise to my wife Stefanie on our wedding day. Her whispers of wisdom and love mean the world to me.

Cajun - 5:43 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
The harmonica and the minor chord vamp causes me to wonder about the consequences of Chick Corea vacationing in Louisiana.

The Leaning Trees of Havi - 5:50 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
While chasing down the total solar eclipse of 1991 on the big island of Hawaii, I came across a small town in the north called Havi. I pulled the car over, went into the market for some cashews, and watched the trees sway gently back and forth. For a short moment it all made sense.

Amadeus - 12:00 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
In 1989 I led a band that brought together a classical string quartet with three jazz musicians. The prevailing question that was constantly posed was "can strings swing?" You be the judge but for my money, these guys tear it up. I dedicate this piece to my mother, Carol Harrington, who took me to the theatrical play "Amadeus" and encouraged me to record this most challenging composition.

The Concealed Tear - 6:31 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
The inspiration for this song came to me one evening in Los Angeles after I had played a gig with pianist Billy Childs. His brilliant playing and compositions led me to this melody.

Seattle Stomp - 5:11 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
This is a bop tune based on Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" that I composed while on a stint at Jazz Alley in Seattle.

Kylie - 6:03 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
In the early days of taking care of our daughter Kylie, amongst the hurricane of activity, every now and then I'd eke out a moment and play the guitar. I'd have only a short time to play before she'd make it clear that the attention was swaying too far from her. Kids! It was in one of those brief interludes that I came up with the opening phrase for this song. This one goes out to my little Jewel of the Galaxy.

Rama - 4:35 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)
It was 1982 and Kevyn Lettau, brother Tripp, John Leftwich, and I were having a group dinner party on a night off from our steady jazz gig. I pulled out a beach guitar and started playing open "E" chords. An optimistic chant emerged and a few days later I refined the original spirit of that evening into this tune.

Produced by: Peter Sprague
Recorded at: SpragueLand Studios, Encinitas, CA from October, 1994 -June, 1996
Recorded by: Peter Sprague and Mike Harris
Mixed by: Peter Sprague and Kevin Hennessy. "Simon" mixed by S. John Archer
Mastered by: S. John Archer at the Digital Barn, Fallbrook, CA
Photos and concept: Trine Dixon and James Nelson
Art direction and cover design: Sir John Odam

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