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"Sombra is a tasteful blend of melodies and rhythms dished up by musician's sharing the same interest in and enthusiasm for a program that opens with a samba, Samba Assad, and ending with the lilting La Gente Feliz."
Cam Miller
North County Times
December, 2002

In Spanish, sombra means shade. In the early stages of preparation for this recording we assembled the core group under the shade of a sycamore tree, sheltered from the heat of the California sun. For a week we passed around ideas and phrases and came up with the arrangements. This collection of tunes represents the continuing story from our debut CD, Blurring The Edges. Following the band's original vision, musical styles and boundaries are blurred into a palette of sound that celebrates the music of the world - flamenco, jazz, Celtic, samba, pop, East Indian, and Latin. These are places we love and these are places we let our sound travel. Thanks for making this voyage with us.
Peter Sprague - October 2002

The Band
Peter Sprague - guitars and synthesizers
Tripp Sprague - flute, saxophones,harmonic, and synthesizers
Fred Benedetti - guitars
Hall Sprague - percussion
Kevin Hennessy - bass
Duncan Moore - drums
Tom Aros - percussion
Ron Wagner - percussion, drums, tabla

Produced by Peter Sprague, Tripp Sprague, and Fred Benedetti
Recorded at SpragueLand Studios, Encinitas, CA / 2000 - 2002
Recorded and Mixed by Peter and Tripp Sprague
Mastered by Peter and Tripp Sprague at SpragueLand Studios
Photos by Tripp Sprague and Barbara Rix
Art Direction and design by Barbara Rix

Samba Assad Fred Benedetti 4:51
The Long Road To India Peter Sprague 6:24
Keltic Kure Fred Benedetti 5:26
The Glide Tripp Sprague 5:48
Sombra Fred Benedetti 6:40
Instincts of the Heart Peter Sprague 8:17
Jimenco Peter Sprague 6:33
La Paz Fred Benedetti 5:33
Dori Peter Sprague 6:24
Chased and Found Tripp Sprague 6:39
La Gente Feliz Peter Sprague 6:02
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Samba Assad
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The Long Road To India
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Keltic Kure
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The Glide
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Sombra (Blurring)
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Instincts of the Heart /Som
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La Paz
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Chased and Found
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La Gente Feliz
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The Long Road To India/Score sheet music
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Instincts of the Heart sheet music
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Jimenco/Score sheet music
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Jimenco/Melody sheet music
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La Gente Feliz sheet music
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