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"Guitarist Peter Sprague, either at the helm of his six-piece Dance of the Universe Orchestra or on his own, is one of the hottest new talents to come out of San Diego. I bet you his name will be popping up in Downbeat's critics' poll real soon. He's San Diego's premier guitarist, and he's finally getting the national exposure he deserves."
Thomas K. Arnold
San Diego Union Tribune
June, 1977

This recording marks the beginnings of the group Dance of the Universe. We were already playing a lot of gigs around and the thought of making a record seemed almost out of reach. The band's average age was 21 years old. We gathered the money, found a studio and we tracked six of our favorite tunes. This is a collector's item!



Peter Sprague: guitar
Kevyn Lettau: vocals
Tripp Sprague: saxophone
John Leftwich: bass
Kelly Jocoy: drums, percussion
Butch Lacy: piano
Mark Siegel: harmonium


You Make Me Want To Sing - 4:14 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

This Can't Be Love - 5:45 - Richard Rogers & Lorenz Hart

Carnival Dreams - 9:50 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Dance With The Wind - 8:43 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Skylark - 4:00 - Hoagy Carmichael

Blues on the Corner - 7:30 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Produced by: Peter Sprague
Recorded at: Fanfare Studios, El Cajon, CA on Dec.19th and 20th, 1977
Recorded and Mixed by: Ron Compton
Cover Photo by: Chris Gorog
Back Photos by: Mark Siegel and Hall Sprague
Liner Notes by: Hall Sprague

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