Guitar Beatles Concert Tickets with Peter and Fred on April 21, 2017

Guitar Beatles Concert Tickets with Peter and Fred on April 21, 2017 

Guitar Beatles! It’s a magical mystery tour of jazz Beatles with Peter’s unique arrangements of the songs that we've grown to love. Hear Fred and Peter start with the familiar and then sonically travel to new frontiers. Melt when the guitar figure for “And I Love Her” kicks in, tap your toe to the wacky angle “Come Together” takes, and sing along to the chorus of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." It’ll be a special night!

We're gathering folks for a night of Beatles music set in the intimate living room of Tokeli's house. Have you ever been to a house concert? Check it out!

The concert will be held at Tokeli's house in Vista. The evening begins at 7pm with appetizers and drinks. At 7:30pm we'll play our music and we promise, it'll be good! There is plenty of free parking too.

We can fit 40 people into the space and here's a unique opportunity to hear some great music in a wonderful sounding intimate venue. 

After you order your tickets, print out your receipt and bring it to the concert. We'll have your name at the door and you'll happily be granted entry. We'll also email you the address for the event the day before the concert.

We hope you can make it out for this very special evening. Email me at: if you have any other questions. Hope to see you there!

Price: $20.00