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"This album Dance of the Universe is a full-fledged professional affair from beginning to end...thoroughly delightful, with a very charming, lighthearted air to it. Strongly recommended."
Per Husby
Cadence Magazine
October, 1979

I had just finished recording with Charles McPherson on his Freebop record. We recorded it in L.A. with New York record producer Don Schlitten for the Xanadu label . Don liked what I was up to so he signed me to a four album deal. I gathered a group of my jazz heroes, we fought the traffic up to L.A., and spent the day recording a set of my original tunes. On this record check out the song Avenues (sort of a Coltrane Giant Steps kind of thing). Mike Wofford lifts off on his incredible piano solo. This alone is worth the price of admission!



Peter Sprague: guitar
Mike Wofford: piano, electric piano
Bob Magnusson: bass
Jim Plank: drums
Jerry Steinholtz: percussion

Produced by: Don Schlitten
Recorded by: Arne Frager, on June 8th, 1979
Mixed by: Paul Goodman
Cover Art by: Don Schlitten

Samba Satchidananda 7:24
Avenues 5:53
Dance of the Universe 4:26
Carnival Dreams 7:53
Robin, Little Child 7:16
You Make Me Want To Sing 4:27
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