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I had fufilled my four albums with Xanadu Records and then I was able to get Concord Records, based in San Francisco, to record two new records. Musica Del Mar is the first one of the two. I met up with pianist George Cables, drummer Eddie Moore, and my long time compadre Bob Magnusson in San Francisco to lay down a set of straight ahead jazz tunes with my tricky arrangements and also a few of my original compositions. High points on this record are George's solo on Musica Del Mar and the cool melding of Bach's Invention in D with a tune I wrote for Charles McPherson called Chanting With Charles. This is one of the tunes that we're still playing today.

Peter Sprague: guitar
George Cables: piano
Bob Magnusson: bass
Eddie Moore: drums


I Hear A Rhapsody - 4:55 - Baker-Gasparre-Bard-Fragos
(Screen Gems-EMI Music,Gower Music-BMI)

My Folks Song - 6:08 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

Just One Of Those Things - 4:50 - Cole Porter
(Warner Bros., Inc / ASCAP)

Medley: You Stepped Out of a Dream - 1:08 - Kahn-Brown
(Leo Feist, Inc. / ASCAP)

Chick's Tune - 4:05 - Chick Corea
(CBS unart Catalog / BMI)

Musica Del Mar - 6:25 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

I Thought About You - 6:36 - Van Heusen-Mercer
(Lewis Music / ASCAP)

Medley:Invention in D - 1:08 - J.S. Bach
(arr. Peter Sprague Satyam Music / BMI)

Chanting With Charles - 5:18 - Peter Sprague
(Satyam Music / BMI)

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - 6:25 - Bernier-Brainin
(Paramount / ASCAP)

Produced by: Carl Jefferson
Recorded by: Phil Edwards at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA, September, 1983
Mixed by: Phil Edwards
Mastered by: George Horn
Cover Photo by: Scott Windus
Art Direction: Dick Hendler

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