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"Peter's new solo guitar recording reminds anew just how obscenely talented he is. Whether playing some of his own sun-soaked beach jazz or tackling Pat Metheny's modern jazz, Sprague's playing shows that his technical proficiency is leavened and warmed by his well-rounded background on acoustic guitar. It is a remarkable performance."
Jim Trageser
North County Times
May, 2008

"Sprague reaches for and grabs elusive chords from outer space as easily as most guitarist grab single-note blues riffs. As any of you who have heard Sprague would easily guess, he is, indeed, up to the task. While the playing here is certainly dazzling, the genius and beauty in his approach is that of always letting the guitar playing serve the music, not the other way around".
Craig Yerkes
San Diego Troubadour
April, 2008

I've been playing solo guitar since the early days at the Shepherd Restaurant in Encinitas in the late 1970's. I'd pull in on Sunday mornings, eat some buckwheat pancakes and then take off with the guitar for the next 3 hours exploring the world of six strings morphing into an orchestra. Joe Pass and Lenny Breau were early heroes along with Chick Corea's solo piano work. The journey, with just me and the guitar, has continued through the years but it's finally taken me 'till now to record a set of songs in this solo setting. What took so long? Solo guitar is one of the most challenging formats to play in and well, maybe I wasn't ready until now. I've still got a lot to learn but the cool factor is that it's a joy just being on the ride.

Thanks for listening...
Peter Sprague
February, 2008


Secret Code - 6:10 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
It's You Or No One - 4:28 - Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn
Luiza - 4:50 - Antonio Carlos Jobim
With A Little Help From My Friends - 5:16 - Lennon and McCartney
Letter From Home - 2:29 - Pat Metheny
Satellite - 4:21 - John Coltrane
Nocturne Opus 9, Number 2 - 4:05 - Frederic Chopin
Passarim - 5:54 - Antonio Carlos Jobim
In Her Family - 2:58 - Pat Metheny
A Foggy Day - 4:05 - Gershwin
She's Leaving Home - 5:51 - Lennon and McCartney
Papaya Samba - 5:03 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)

Produced by Peter Sprague
Recorded at SpragueLand Studios, Encinitas, CA / June, 2007 and December, 2007
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios
Cover photo by Sam Dosick
Art direction and design by Rix Graphix
Peter Sprague plays a custom built Yuris Zeltins classical guitar (Blue Guitar) and a Taylor Guitar steel string.
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Secret Code (Solo)
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It's You Or No One
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With A Little Help From My Friends
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Letter From Home
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Nocturne Opus 9, Number 2
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Passarim (Solo)
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In Her Family
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A Foggy Day
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She's Leaving Home
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Papaya Samba
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