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Today I've got some news about OpenMusic. This is the name of a group of great jazz musicians that share their music and teaching through the medium of online instructional videos. The roster of players includes bassists Christian McBride and Rueben Rodgers, pianist Peter Martin, trumpeter Sean Jones, drummers Greg Hutchinson and Ulysses Owens Jr., vibraphonist Warren Wolf, and on guitars Romero Lumbambo and me. I'm honored to be included! My connection with these folks is a bunch of them have played in the group with Dianne Reeves. (I've played with Dianne on and off for the last 5 years and still have some concerts with her lined up). 

Today I'm thrilled to announce the release of a NEW video series that I've developed with OpenMusic called Great Guitar Covers. I've created videos of me playing solo on some cool tunes. Included is the help of having the sheet music scroll along at the same time. And also included are teaching videos where I go in depth on how I play the arrangements and why I chose this chord instead of that. And, ta dah, finally the PDF of the sheet music appears in your download too. Here's the song list and more info:

If all of this looks good and you're interested, GO HERE and you can get started with the music.

Have fun!