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Right at the end of 2021 we gathered up the gang of musos and played a holiday livestream concert from SpragueLand. The songs were some of our favorites coming from a pretty diverse set of influences. We’ve got Joni, Alison Krauss, Paul Simon, and three songs of mine in there. The band was cooking and because a bunch of the elements came together we’ve decided to release the music to the streaming and download platforms. Hello music!

Thanks for listening…

Peter Sprague
February, 2022




Peter Sprague — guitar
Danny Green — piano
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute, and harmonica
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums
Lisa Hightower — vocals
Pam Pendrell — vocals
Kate Sprague — vocals
Sinne Eeg — vocals
Produced by Peter Sprague
Recorded at SpragueLand Studios, Encinitas, CA / 2022
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios
Cover art concept by Peter Sprague, Stefanie Sprague, and Brian Balthazor
Special thanks to Yuris Zeltins, Andy Powers, D’Addario Strings, and Iron Horse Amps

The whole concert can be viewed at YouTube.
All songs arranged by Peter Sprague
1) Free Man in Paris
music by Joni Mitchell
featuring Pam Pendrell
YouTube vid

 2) The Lucky One
music by Robert Lee Castleman
featuring Pam Pendrell
YouTube vid 
3) Close to the Good Things
music by Peter Sprague and Kylie Sprague
featuring Kate Sprague
YouTube vid 
4) River
music by Joni Mitchell
featuring Pam Pendrell
5) Ocean  
 music by Peter Sprague
YouTube vid 

6) You Can Call Me Al
music by Paul Simon
featuring Lisa Hightower  
YouTube vid 

7) Copenhagen Mist 
 music by Peter Sprague and Randy Phillips
featuring Sinne Eeg
YouTube vid  

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The Lucky One
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Close to the Good Things
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Price: $1.25
You Can Call Me Al
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Copenhagen Mist (with Sinne)
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