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"As a jazz lover, I have sat front row to see greats such as Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Anthony Wilson, and Pat Metheny. For those of you who don't realize this already, Peter Sprague has a place right up there with great jazz guitarists of our time. More than just his instrumental and improvisational prowess, Sprague is a writer-composer of positively world-class abilities. Taking It All In, his latest release, is a wonderful and inspiring snapshot of the essence of Peter Sprague, the composer, musician, and human being".
Craig Yerkes
San Diego Troubadour
November, 2005

Here is a collection of tunes designed to spin acoustically, with low production and executed in real-time. I have my own recording studio and along with this comes the possibility of creating multi-layered music sounding a bit larger than life. I love this setup but for a change I felt inspired to make a recording of music that captures the way we sound when we play live. I've enlisted my favorite players and we brought our long list of experiences both musical and humanistic into the studio. In the span of two days we documented this experience into the digital realm. And now, Taking It All In is complete and it joins the family of jazz CD's that I've created over the years. The early recordings (Dance Of The Universe, The Path, Bird Raga, Message Sent On The Wind, Musica Del Mar, and Na Pali Coast) set the stage and mapped out the roots, and now Taking It All In sheds the light of the new millennium onto my view of an acoustic jazz quartet digging into some improvisation. I hope it sounds good to you...

Peter Sprague
August 2005

The musicians on the CD are:
Peter Sprague - guitar
Tripp Sprague - saxophone and flute
Bob Magnusson - bass
Duncan Moore - drums


Taking It All In - 7:36 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Shinobi - 6:23 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Zen Joao - 7:33 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Unmarketable Math - 7:11 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Travels - 6:18 - Pat Metheny
Acid Peter - 5:59 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Joe Farrell - 7:03 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Calling Me Home - 6:36 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Alien I.Q. - 7:44 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
Kundalini - 7:35 - Peter Sprague (Satyam Music / BMI)
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