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Here is a recording of mine that leans towards the soft end of the sonic spectrum. These are all original compositions highlighting Steve Kujala's wonderful flute playing along with me and my guitar and a stellar cast of creative musos.

The Band
Peter Sprague - guitars and synthesizers
Steve Kujala - flute
Tripp Sprague - flute
John Opferkuch - piano
Terri Carpentar - piano
Barnaby Finch - piano
Kevin Hennessy - bass
Ken Dow - bass
Duncan Moore - drums
Tina Tourin - harp
Tom Aros - percussion


The Journey   5:37
Stefanie's Soliloquy   4:52
The Warmth of Spring   5:11
Uluwatu   5:29
The Soul of the Ocean   5:35
Para Nosotros, Otro Tiempo   4:37
Close to Your Heart   4:54
The Light Dance   5:38
Rain   5:54
Laurel   5:05

All songs composed by
Peter Sprague © 2001 (Satyam Music / BMI)

Produced by Peter Sprague
Recorded at SpragueLand Studios, Encinitas, CA
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Peter Sprague

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Download Entire The Light Dance Album
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The Journey
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Stefanie's Soliloquy (instru)
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The Warmth of Spring
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Price: $0.99
The Soul of the Ocean
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Para Nosotros, Otro Tiempo
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Close to Your Heart
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The Light Dance
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The Journey sheet music
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Stefanie's Soliloquy sheet music
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The Warmth of Spring sheet music
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Uluwatu sheet music
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The Soul of the Ocean sheet music
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Para Nosotros, Otro Tiempo sheet music
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Close To Your Heart sheet music
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The Light Dance sheet music
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Rain (vocal version) sheet music
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Rain (Instrumental) sheet music
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Laurel sheet music
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