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"You will search in vain for a dull or trite moment here. The Latin, African, jazz, vocalese and other elements are perfectly wrought into a fascinating unity. Five Stars."
Leonard Feather
L.A. Times
May 1981

On The Path I teamed up with Bob Magnusson to do a collection of guitar and bass duets. It was happening! We also gathered some of our friends to play on some of the more produced tunes. This quote from Pablo Casals, the great cellist, was an inspiration for one of the songs we recorded.

"To be a musician is a great privilege, but also a very great responsibility. One must think that to be a musician is a gift-a gift from nature. There is no great merit in us except in loving this gift with respect and devotion and doing everything possible to do honor to that gift by work and more work. We must work with conviction and humility-searching for beauty, simplicity-not for effect, but for truth. And it is for us musicians to do all in our power for a better world. Music must carry the message of beauty, of love, and of peace".
Pablo Casals

Peter Sprague: guitar
Bob Magnusson: bass
Sam Most: flute
Bill Mays: piano, electric piano
Tommy Aros: percussion
Jim Plank: drums, vibes, and gong
Kevyn Lettau: vocals


The Path - 10:20 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Bebe's Bop - 6:37 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Soaring - 6:02 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

It Could Happen To You - 5:41 - Burke-Van Heusen
(Famous / ASCAP)

Pablo - 6:08 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

Roller Skatin' With Sonny - 5:41 - Peter Sprague
(Meshugah Music / BMI)

The Cutting Edge - 7:02 - Sonny Rollins
(Sonrol Music / BMI)

Produced by: Don Schlitten
Recorded by: Arne Fragerm on September 5th and 6th, 1980
Mixed by: Paul Goodman
Cover Art by: Don Schlitten

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It Could Happen To You
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