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In 1992 I produced a collection of songs for Los Angeles composer Terry Sannita. I’d never worked with Warren before but I’d heard from everyone around San Diego about his amazing voice and his ability to learn songs quickly. And the big deal is this fellow could really bring some magic to the songs. After laying down the main tracks we got Warren to come in and sing. I was blown away by his sound, plus he recorded all of his parts within a 4 hour period. Just amazing!

Warren unfortunately passed away in 1998. He will be sorely missed.

For more info on Warren follow this link.

Warren Wiebe: vocals
Peter Sprague: guitar
John Opferkuch: keyboards
Kevin Hennessy: bass
Duncan Moore: drums
Tripp Sprague: saxophone


One Love At A Time - 3:06
Nothing Lasts - 5:10
La Paz - 3:55
There Was a Time and Place - 4:45
I'm Gonna Love You - 3:33
Could It Be - 3:38
Just Can't Let Go - 3:49
Nothing Lasts (instrumental version) - 5:25


Recorded at SpragueLand Studios, Del Mar, CA
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Sprague and Dave Blackburn in 1996
All compositions by Terry Sannita
Produced by Terry Sannita

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One Love At A Time
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There Was A Time and Place
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I'm Gonna Love You
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Could It Be
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Just Can't Let Go
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