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"Back where she started, singing with Peter Sprague's guitar as accompaniment, Kevyn Lettau's voice is as pure as ever, her delivery even more nuanced, the joy every bit as evident as on her first recordings 15 years ago when she first ventured out from North County for a successful solo career in jazz. And Sprague (who still lives in coastal North County) remains one of the pre-eminent guitarists working in jazz today, providing a vibrant foundation for Lettau's singing and some top-notch soloing.

Running through a set of jazz, pop and Brazilian songs (taking in everything from Jobim to Stevie Wonder, plus a nice selection of Lettau's own compositions), the duo show the kind of inspired interplay that comes only from three decades of artistic familiarity. Lettau's singing is utterly confident throughout—in caressing a lyric or scatting atop Sprague's melodic lines, she clearly feels the freedom to follow the muse. Sprague, too, is completely in his element here. Obviously getting a kick out of playing again with his old lead singer from his Dance of the Universe days, his playing is even more inspired than his fans are used to. Switching from picking lithe leads to strumming chord changes behind Lettau, often in the same measure, Sprague turns in one of his best recorded performances.

Acoustic guitar-vocal duos are rare enough (although if you can find it, the CD from the Malaysia-based Roger Wang-Mia Palencia duo known as DoubleTake is more than worth tracking down). Performed at this level of artistry and inspiration, it's a once-every-couple-of-years treat, if we're lucky. The Del Mar guitarist and his former Dance of the Universe vocalist reunite for a duo recording to positively magical results. Sprague creates a lively, lithe underpinning for Lettau's Brazilian-drenched singing, only then his guitar lines are dancing among her vocal notes and the music just transports you somewhere else. Amazing."
February 26, 2009
North County Times
Jim Trageser

"She has the most important ingredient of any song stylist—her voice, her sound, is uniquely her own! She doesn't invite or attempt comparisons to other vocalists. Mr. Sprague is a talented, accomplished, polished and sensitive accompanist. The sound of his acoustic guitar is somewhat reminiscent of the late legendary Brazilian guitarist and composer Luiz Bonfa. His execution of notes and chords on his guitar are flawless, clean and concise. This is a beautiful recording, which I highly suggest you listen to! Bravo!"
Steve Getz
The Jazz Network
December, 2008

Vocalist Kevyn Lettau and I have played music together for over 30 years. Our first group was called The Dance of The Universe Orchestra and we made a recording entitled You Make Me Want To Sing that really stirred things up for us in San Diego. This led to many concerts and other recording deals that embraced our definition of jazz which included jazz standards along with our love of Brasilian music. We had a mini revolution of sorts and continued on with the band over the years.

In 1995 Kevyn and I along with percussionist Michael Shapiro recorded an album called BrasilJazz which explored our original tunes and a few standards, all with the sonic backdrop of Brasil. We toured this music and spread the good word.

With the release of What Is Enough? we're continuing to explore the sound of just guitar and voice. We've chosen a unique collection of songs including some original songs Kevyn has written with Yellowjackets keyboardist Russel Ferante, guitarist Mike Stern, guitarist Kelber Jorge, and a tune Kevyn and I wrote together called "Cantar". Mixed in we have a John Mayer tune, a Stevie Wonder beauty, a Jobim gem, and a couple of jazz standards. I love the freedom and the sound of playing in small ensembles and playing with Kevyn is like playing with a horn player. You've got the cool thing with the story of the song going on along with the improvising aspect of a horn player all rolled into one. We can go anywhere and I think we went to some beautiful places.

I hope you enjoy the recording and thanks for listening.

Peter Sprague
October, 2008

1. Heed My Call — 4:26
Kevyn Lettau and Kleber Jorge
Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP), Jesseana (BMI)

2. Drawn To You — 5:29
Kevyn Lettau and Russell Ferrante
Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP), Teeth Music (BMI)

3. What Is Enough? — 5:08
Mike Stern and Kevyn Lettau
Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP), Little Shoes Music, (ASCAP)

4. Almost Like Being In Love — 5:34
Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe
EMI April Music

5. Sunlight — 4:07
Bill Cantos, Ricky Lawson
Sausage Bread Music (BMI), Ahhsum Lawson (BMI)

6. Belief — 4:18
John Mayer
Specific Harm Music (ASCAP)

7. You Don’t Know What Love Is — 7:38
Gene Depaul, Don Raye
Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP)

8. Cantar — 4:31
Peter Sprague and Kevyn Lettau
Satyam Music (BMI), Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP)

9. Patience — 4:12
Kevyn Lettau and Russell Ferrante
Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP), Teeth Music (BMI)

10. Have A Talk With God — 4:10
Stevie Wonder
Jobete Music Company and Black Bull Music Inc. (ASCAP)

11. Waters Of March — 4:14
Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes
Corcovado Music Corp. (BMI)

12. Heroes Of The Day — 5:44
Kevyn Lettau, Artur Maya, Bill Cantos
Cats & Dogs Music (ASCAP), Sausage Bread Music (ASCAP)

Kevyn Lettau — vocals and percussion
Peter Sprague — guitar

Produced by Peter Sprague and Kevyn Lettau
Recorded in April, June and September 2008
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios
Photos and Art work by Barbara Rix at RixGraphix
Painting by San Diego Artist, Lusana Erekson (

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